Conclusion of LIFE EISLEK

After 5 years, the Life Eislek project has officially ended yesterday on the 31st of August. We look back on a positive experience and can be proud of our achievements. Many exciting measures, like the remeandration project, were carried out, and the team has been able to gain in experience (in managing nature reserves) and knowledge (on butterfly species for example) that we can profit from in our future work career. The land of natur&ëmwelt will also benefit from the new technologies (mowing by Pistenbully), that were tried out during the project’s duration.

We are now busy with final reports and are working out an After Life plan to continue the actions from the Life Eislek project in the future.

We would like to thank everyone that was involved in this project in one way or another and hope to keep up the new partnerships and friendships acquired through Life.