Butterfly Monitoring ’15: a disappointing spring

After a very good year 2014, concerning Lycaena helle, we had a very disappointing experience in spring this year. After an early first observation on the 24th of April, the weather turned from a warm early spring to a rather cold Mai with conditions unsuitable to this rather picky butterfly species. Until about mid-May we were able to observe a very limited number of individuals on our most promising sites. After that, even as the weather turned warm and sunny again, no more violet coppers were observed. (mehr …)

What exactly the reasons for these very low numbers were, we don’t know. From an exchange with colleagues from Belgium and Germany, we learned that we are not the only region experiencing these circumstances. Furthermore, butterfly numbers were generally low this spring, especially concerning the family of the Lycaenidae. It is likely that the butterflies were influenced by weather conditions but whether it was the dryness or a cold front in May, or any other reasons, we do not know.

It now only remains for us to hope for a successful reproduction of the limited number of individuals form this season to form a healthy population next year.