International Symposium: Future 4 Butterflies in Europe

Dutch Butterfly Conservation (De Vlinderstichting) hosted the 4th international symposium on Future of Butterflies in Europe, in Wageningen, the Netherlands, from the 31st of March to April 2nd 2016.

The symposium has given the Life team a good insight into current butterfly research, monitoring techniques, the effects of climate change, landscape ecology and genetic studies. It provided the opportunity to meet other scientists and conservationists from all over Europe including researchers working on Lycaena helle. (mehr …)

Life Eislek participated at the symposium with a poster presentation (Download-Divers).


A part of the symposium was dedicated to Maculinea species and on the last day, an excursion to restoration sites of the Life project Blues in the Marshes was on the program. 

DSCN1599 DSCN1598