Renaturation project at Trëtterbaach near Léresmillen

The LIFE Eislek team is in the planning of a renaturation project in collaboration with the Community of Wincrange and the AGE (Admin. de la Gestion de l’Eau). The main part of the project is the remeandration of approx. 310m  of the Trëtterbaach, where it has been regulated in the past. The planning and supervision of the project will be taken over by an engineering office Stream&River Consult. Additionally, a nature trail is to be installed onsite to raise awareness towards the restoration project as well as other conservation activities of LIFE Eislek.


Orthophoto showing the current situation and a first preview of the remeandration project (by Stream&River Consult).

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The project is a rare opportunity as land pressure is very high, especially in the North of Luxembourg. In this case, the foundation is owner of all the land affected by the project. Furthermore, the EU and State founded project LIFE Eislek provides the opportunity to coordinate a project of such magnitude. The “Fonds pour la Gestion de l’Eau” will contribute to financing the project as it is in the interest of their management plan for the catchement area. The community of Wincrange will prefinance the works, therefore Stream&River Consult has presented a pre-study of the project on the 26th  of January to the College of Aldermen.


The restoration will contribute in several ways to an amelioration of the conservation status of the environment. The increase of wetland area after the remeandration will prevent run-off and improve the quality of phreatic water. It will furthermore help to retain water and thus help to prevent flood events in the town of Clervaux. It will contribute to increased biodiversity by providing more diversified habitats for fish, macroinvertebrates, aquatic plants as well as amphibians and birds.

Scientific monitoring and water quality analysis will help to determine the impact of the restoration and provide data that can be used for future projects.

The installation of a trail with didactic signs will provide the opportunity to valorise the LIFE Eislek project. Along the trail, examples of almost all the conservation activities carried out in this project are visible and can be explained to the broader public, it will make the public aware of the environmental issues related to water and wetlands and the associated biodiversity.


The Trëtterbaach was straightened in the past to drain the surrounding fields and make them available for agriculture.


Upstream, some meanders have been preserved and show what the straightened area might have looked like in the past and what it should look like after the renaturation measure.