Bistort Propagation

On the 15th of April, a rhizome transplanting took place for a third time since the project started. Learning from previous years, the methods are continuously ameliorated to be the most efficient. Besides rhizome transplantation we also try to reintroduce the bistort by seeds collected in large bistort meadows. However, seeding in the wild was not successful so far. Germination only took place in petry dishes vernalised in the refrigerator. For this reason the project is planning a collaboration with the museum of natural history and the SICONA concerning the reproductive system of the bistort through genetic analysis to determine the best methods for propagation.

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Bistort seedlings after vernalisation in a petri dish at about 4°C in the refrigerator.


Germination in a flower pot after vernalisation in moist sand in a refrigeator at about 4°C.


A source population and the desired outcome of rhizome transplanting and seed dsipersal.