Start of renaturation works at Léresmillen

Today (01.09.), the renaturation of the Trëtterbaach has started. We will be present on the building site to observe the progress each day and keep you posted on how the works advance. Here the first pictures of the site: (mehr …)

IMG_0010 (Medium)

The pegs have been placed to mark the new river bed as planned by the engineering office. They will show the operator where to dig out the new river bed.

IMG_0008 (Medium)

The meanders of the new river bed have been meticulously planned.

IMG_0021 (Medium)

The state of the construction site will change dramatically in the weeks to come.

IMG_0016 (Medium)

The digger is on site now and has already started to dig out the new river bed.

IMG_0010 IMG_0010IMG_0010 IMG_0010